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There are many moving parts and fluctuations to a Renaissance Festival.  The number of people participating on any given day changes from a couple people in the offseason to 600 hundred on a festival day.  The types and variety of jobs are numerous. 



For Parties985-520-4805

Admin Office985-520-4804

Merchant Office985-222-2553

Security - Laura Beth Logan985-515-6163

Camping Director - Wind Mcgee985-520-4805

Alvon Ellie Brumfield985-520-4806

Richard Hight 985-222-2559,   Ricks Cell 985-510-1360 Before  9PM  

Admin Office  985-429-9992

Merchant(s)—We are always seeking artisans (skilled artist-crafter) that make and demonstrate their historic craft. Please let every artisian you know we are looking for those that make the products they sell.

2017 Merchant Application. 985-222-2553.   Please note the Merchant Coordinator can be reached on our merchant facebook page,, and 985-429-9992 x208.

ACTORS and Educational DEMONSTRATORS need to join the Albright Players. Our Open cast call will be on March 11th, workshop/meetings will be on the second Saturday of every month. — Click here for more information on our training program. 

Professional Entertainers— Please email and send a link to your video (YouTube, etc) of you performing for a live audience.

Renaissance Living History Center— Interested in volunteering, please contact the Renaissance Living History Center (a 501c3) through their website.

Contact Us for more information— Alvon 985-520-4806 -or- Rick 985-222-2559

For School Field Trips— Stephanie 985-222-2551