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Heroes & Pirates

Nov 11th to Nov 12th

A great way to spend your Veterans Day weekend, whether you're a hero or a pirate!

PIRATES: Come in your swashbuckling best and meet up with your brother and sister pirates from all over the region. Note: Pillaging and plundering are off-limits this weekend.

HEROES:  Veterans, First Responders, and Scouts may be eligible for half off admission purchased in person during this theme weekend.  Let the human at our ticket booth know before you pay.  Veterans & First Responders will need a current valid form of photo ID indicating they are/were military. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts will need to be present and in uniform, (that includes adults in uniform and Scout Tee Shirts if the den is wearing the matching scout Tee shirt that day). 

Some pirates were also heroes -- Jean Lafitte's pirates won the Battle of New Orleans for the USA!  We were outnumbered three to one, we had 4,732 fighting on our side, they had 14,450.  Yet we outperformed them eight to one: for every person we lost they lost eight.  Thanks to our front line made up of Jean Lafitte's pirates.  All of the Lafitte pirates were given a pardon an no longer hunted by the USA.  

And be sure to peg-leg it over to our daily costume contest (2:45 p.m., Queen Stage) -- No loot, but lots of bragging rites for the winner, and a nearby pub for those wanting to moan and groan about losing!  It is a fan acclamation competition, whoever gets the most cheering wins.

SCOUT CAMPING option: With at least a two-week notice we allow scouts to camp free in exchange for about an hour of community service at the faire.  Volunteer opportunities depend on our needs and their age and the leaders.  Examples: pick up trash, gather sticks for firewood, direct cars to parking, help take tickets at the front gate.

One month after the Texas Renaissance Festival Pirate Weekend. 

This weekend, veterans, active military, First Responders, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts get 50% off at the ticket booth when purchasing in person, Scouts should be in uniform, if not in uniform must have a valid ID (veteran or first responder).


It is Pirates & Heroes weekend at the RenFest. We love to have fun with our pirates and there will be a great many visiting pirates this weekend. BUT!
We also salute heroes this weekend.  We are offering discounts to scouts, veterans, and first responders this weekend. And we will be selling "Dog Tag" beer in the can. It is the only time we will be selling beer still in the can. You will understand when you read their can.   For more info click this: